«MENA Holding»: Legal adviser to follow up the dissolution of the land of Ayat

March 14, 2011

MENA Holding Company asked to suspend its shares in the stock market for a third week until next Sunday, against the background of the recommendation of the Authority for Reconstruction, Agriculture and Land Use of Egypt to dissolve the land contract with

The company announced the appointment of a legal consultant office in Egypt following the cancellation of the land contract between the Egyptian government and the Egyptian government, "as a precautionary measure, so as not to be subject to any random recommendation." She said that «waiting for a response by them next week after studying the file submitted to them by the Egyptian company - Kuwait Development and Investment in this regard ». The company said that "in the coming days and specifically this week, if possible, to meet with all officials and stakeholders to find out the fact that the recommendation to cancel the contract of the company, although there are more procedures on this subject so far."